Public call for funding the translation of Italian books and works abroad

Translation grants

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation promotes the dissemination of Italian publishing and cinematographic works abroad by providing incentives to translation and dubbing/subtitling initiatives, as a strategic tool for promoting Italian language and culture abroad.

The Foreign Ministry provides two types of financial incentives:

  • grant for the translation of an Italian literary work, which has not yet been published abroad, and for the production, dubbing and subtitling of short/feature-length films and TV series;
  • award to an Italian work already translated abroad.

Proposals shall be submitted annually to the Italian Cultural Institutes and the Italian diplomatic and consular Mission abroad, according to the Call regulations and procedures.

For the year 2023, it is intended to award five PRIZES in the amount of Euro 5,000 each:

  • 1 for the French language;
  • 1 for the English language;
  • 1 for the Spanish language;
  • 1 for the German language;
  • 1 for the Chinese language.

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