"Vita and The book of the dead" to be published by a Belgian publishing house selling to Dutch-speaking countries

Vita and the Book of the dead

The novel "Vita and the book of the dead" (in Italian "Vita e il libro dei morti"), by Alessandra Cinardi, is expected to be translated in Dutch and published by a Belgian publishing house selling to Dutch-speaking countries, in autumn 2023. This is the first book of a successful trilogy, that has been published in Italy by the famous publisher Armando Curcio Editore.

Vita's adoptive parents discover that her 13-year-old daughter has got magical powers and they send her to a children's hospital. During the hospitalisation in the Neuropsychiatric ward, Vita finds out to be destined to find the Necronomicon, the Sacred Book of the dead.

Therefore, Vita attends the Paranormal High School, buried in the Roman underground, where she is going to learn how to harness her talents.

She is going to face her deep-seated fears and to pass different tests to cross the three infernal circles of Duat - the Egyptian hell - with the help of her new friends, Gandolfo, Ercole and the sweet Lilith. Their final goal is to reach Osiris, to obtain the Necronomicon. At the same time, Seth - God of Hurricanes and God of Evils - wants to seize the Necronomicon too, in order to subjugate humanity.

Vita is the main character and the Necronomicon is the ancient Egyptian text that contains the necessary information to the dead in the afterlife, as a guide for the threatening World of Duat.



Alessandra Cinardi is a 50-year-old writer from Rome, Italy. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Clinical Psychology. She has a Master's degree in Library Science, in Psychological counselling. She also has a third Master's degree in Dynamic Hypnosis, a subject that strongly influences her novels. As a matter of fact, she makes many explicit references about the techniques used in this fascinating discipline in her books.
She is an expert in Egyptology and Egyptian mythology. She published "Dimension and problems of the hystorical researches", an essay on Roman history, and the novels "Vita and the book of the dead", "Vita and the Resurrection Cup" and "Vita and the Hidden Pyramid". She has won around 80 International Literary Prizes.
Alessandra has been described as the "Italian J.K. Rowling" by many critics. Her books are read in Italians schools and would suit movie's adaptation.