Publication in the UK

Agreement signed for the publication of "Vieni via" (Come away) by the Italian author Nicola Viceconti.

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Great Britain

Racconti dal Sud

Signed a contract for the publication in the UK of "Racconti dal Sud" (Tales from the South) by the Italian writer Angelina Brasacchio.

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“Il fascino del Nü Shu” (Fascinating Nüshu)

Giulia Falcini is writing “Il fascino del Nü Shu” (Fascinating Nüshu).

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The Indian Publishing House Manoj Publications entrusts its series to IBA.


The Indian Publishing House Manoj Publications, dedicated to children’s publishing grants IBA the exclusive rights for the representation worldwide.

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Tsinghua University Press

IBA entered into a contract with the Chinese Publishing House Tsinghua University Press.

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THE BESTSELLER CODE - translation in progress

Foto degli autori

THE BESTSELLER CODE - translation in progress by Matthew L. Jockers and Jodie Archer Translation in progress of the essay "THE BESTSELLER CODE” by Matthew L. Jockers and Jodie Archer. By Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers. Printed in the United ... read more


Frankfurt Buchmesse 2020

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our staff is going to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, from 14th to 18th. The Frankfurt Buchmesse is the most important International Book Fair for the exchange of rights.

Association of American Publisher vs Audible Captions

The Association of American Publishers has taken legal action against Amazon for the use of the audio streaming platform Audible Captions. Through this system, Amazon can directly transform the audiobooks in texts and it seems that it is not concerning about reaching agreements with foreign publishers who hold the works’ rights.


E-Books warning

In 2018, only in the United States, the hacking of the e-books caused distributors, publishers and authors the loss of $ 300,000,000.

The e-book is caught, or simply bought, and placed on sales channels (with the support of website and App) that seem to be completely legal, or the files are made available for the buyers who can download them via BitTorrent.