"The extra star" by Elena Mora to be published in the Netherlands

The extra star

The novel "The extra star" (already published by the Italian publishing house CSA Editrice under the title "La stella in più "), by the young Italian author, Elena Mora is expected to be translated in Dutch ... read more

"The subtle control" to be published in Malaysia

Davide Ferrante

The essay "The subtle control" (already published in Italy by the Italian publishing house, CSA Editrice, under the name "Il controllo sottile"), by Davide Ferrante will be published in Malaysia by a Malaysian publisher, in ... read more

"Vita and The book of the dead" to be published by a Belgian publishing house selling to Dutch-speaking countries

Vita and the Book of the dead

The novel "Vita and the book of the dead" (in Italian "Vita e il libro dei morti"), by Alessandra Cinardi, is expected to be translated in Dutch and published by a Belgian publishing house selling to ... read more

Publication in the UK

"Vieni via" (Come with me) by the Italian author Nicola Viceconti was published by an English Publishing House and it is now on the UK market.

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Great Britain - Tales from the Italian South

Racconti dal Sud

Publication in the UK of "Racconti dal Sud" (Tales from the Italian South) by the Italian writer Angelina Brasacchio.

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“Il fascino del Nü Shu” (Fascinating Nüshu)

Published in Italy “Il fascino del Nü Shu” (Fascinating Nüshu). Translation by Giulia Falcini.

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The Indian Publishing House Manoj Publications entrusts its series to IBA.


The Indian Publishing House Manoj Publications, dedicated to children’s publishing grants IBA the exclusive rights for the representation worldwide.

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Tsinghua University Press

IBA entered into a contract with the Chinese Publishing House Tsinghua University Press.

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THE BESTSELLER CODE - On the Italian market

Foto degli autori

"THE BESTSELLER CODE” by Matthew L. Jockers and Jodie Archer, printed in the United States of America, was published in Italy.


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  • Europe's favourite reading materials

    Europe's favourite reading materials

    Are you into romance, sci-fi or biographies? According to research published by Studying in Switzerland, your answer is likely to vary based on which country you live in. Where fantasy is most popular in Europe, horror is the genre of choice in Latin America, while poetry is most popular in Asia.

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  • These are the European countries that read the most

    Countries that read the most

    More households in the European Union spend more on books, newspapers and stationery than they do on package holidays. This was one of the surprising statistics released by the EU. A survey of people aged from 20 to 74 in 15 EU countries between 2008 to 2015 found that the average time spent reading books ranges from two minutes a day in France to 13 minutes in Estonia. Read the full article published on the WEF website -->