About us

About us

The IBA (International Book Agency) is a literary agency owned by CSA Editrice srl, a publishing house operating in Italy and in the world since 2006.

IBA provides services to writers, publishing houses and agencies, engaging in any activity related to the publishing industry. In particular, it deals with the representation service on behalf of publishers and writers from all over the world who wish to publish their works outside their own country.

IBA manages and represents those authors who have been highly valued by readers and critics in their own countries and who now aim at publishing their fiction and nonfiction works all over the world.

IBA is also a reference point for publishing houses and literary agencies looking for a partner who is able to find publishers interested in publishing their works both in Italy and in the world.

A partner for publishers, literary agencies and authors, which boasts a network with thousands of contacts and which works daily with the intention of spreading culture as well as promoting and marketing valuable books.

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