"The subtle control" to be published in Malaysia

Davide Ferrante

The essay "The subtle control" (already published in Italy by the Italian publishing house, CSA Editrice, under the name "Il controllo sottile"), by Davide Ferrante will be published in Malaysia by a Malaysian publisher, in the next few months of 2023.

This essay explains how subtly the rich and powerful control society, in order to manipulate our behaviours. They do it not only to influence our political opinions, but also the choices we make when we purchase something or when we plan our life. We all are trapped in a dangerous network, but we feel free to show the worst of ourselves on social media, on online forums and on the Internet in general. This trap can be deadly because it leans on our need to appear free, cool and present, for a world wide web of false friends, who do not actually care about us. The only people who do not ignore us are the cynical manipulator of this subtle control.


Davide Ferrante has a Degree in Modern Literature and Educational Research. He is a musician, a writer and a teacher for private and state schools.