"The extra star" by Elena Mora to be published in the Netherlands

Elena Mora

The novel "The extra star" (already published by the Italian publishing house CSA Editrice under the title "La stella in più"), by the young Italian author, Elena Mora is expected to be translated in Dutch and be released in the Netherlands in autumn 2023 by a Dutch publishing house.

"The extra star" is for readers over thirteen and encourages them to be themselves, to reflect with a critical mind and to work together for the common good. A great novel for children and teenagers, written by the young and talented Italian author, Elena Mora. The 16-year-old author is well-known in Italy, in the world of culture and information as well, for having published the successful fantasy book "The Chronicles of Awad" when she was only 11 and for having won more than 50 national and international literary awards. Elena is now 16 years old and she succeeded in writing a fascinating and captivating book that manages to make even the most critical and severe adult readers laugh and be emotionally moved.

The novel is set in Germany, in 1938. Grethe is a 12-year-old German girl who spends her days enjoying the company of her brothers and playing with the animals of her estate. Soon, her shining innocent universe is destroyed by the dramatic truth about the world she lives in. Thanks to her courage and strength that she did not even know to possess, and with the help of some fellow adventurers, Grethe tries to fight against the injustices of the Nazi regime. She does her best to give her contribution and to help other people open their eyes, relying on the strength coming from her heart, which is more powerful than any weapon. 

It is not a story about war, but about people, relationships and needs. It is a hilarious, funny, light-hearted novel that makes people laugh and be emotionally moved. It can be considered light and profound at the same time. As moving as looking up at the sky and noticing one extra star.


Elena Mora was born in Parma in 2007. Despite her being a very busy girl - she plays the piano, speaks English fluently, has an immense passion for reading and has a great writing talent – she’s still able to feel and experience the typical emotions of her age.

In March 2021, at the age of 13, she was awarded the title of "Alfiere della Repubblica" by the Italian President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. This important title of honour is conferred to young people who have stood out in the fields of culture, science, art, sport and volunteering. Elena Mora was awarded for her writing skills.

She published the novel "The Chronicles of Awad" in 2019, when she was only 11. She has won more than 50 National and International Literary Awards for her tales and poems. Among the numerous achievements, her works have also been reviewed by important newspapers and magazines, and she has appeared in several episodes of RAI Gulp (a television channel for children and teenagers). Elena Mora is represented worldwide by IBA (International Book Agency).