"Sierf" by Mere Õie Kalle to be published in Estonia

The novel "Sierf - The rules change" by the Estonian author, Mere Õie Kalle (already published in Italy by the Italian publishing house Planet Book) is about to be translated in Estonian and published in autumn 2023.


Elisa was born blind and her typical day is about going to school, where she is daily excluded and bullied by her classmates, and spending time with Matheo, Mirco and Anabel, her friends, who are also special because they all have disabilities too. The only time Elisa is able to see is at night, during sleep, when the magical world of Sierf is waiting for her in dreams. Her adventures among dragons, elves, phoenixes and unicorns will make her even more aware of her inner strength and of the possibilities hidden behind her (only apparent) physical limitations. This is a novel written by an author as young as self-aware and creative, "Sierf - The Rules Change" is able to instil the message of how important it is to accept yourself as you are in the reader, while always making an effort to see the world and other people in colour.


Mere Õie Kalle is a very young Estonian writer. Born blind, she has now acquired 30 % of her sight in one eye and 3 % in the other. With her family, she moved to Italy a few years ago. Despite her sight problems, she loves writing poetry and short stories, and reading a lot. She also loves travelling with her imagination and is very talented. She can create original, complex stories with captivating characters that are never banal. She is a very promising and sensitive fantasy author, and has already published the novel “La pietra di Conohiil” ("The Stone of Conohiil") with the Italian publishing house, Planet Book.