"Sierf" by Mere Õie Kalle published in Estonia by publisher "Varrak"


The Italian young adult novel "Sierf - Le regole cambiano"("Sierf - The rules change") by the Estonian author, Mere Õie Kalle (already published in Italy by the Italian publishing house Planet Book) has just been translated and released in Estonia by the publishing house Verrak under the name "Sierf - Reeglid on muutunud".

The translation from Italian into Estonian was made by Ms. Cathy Laanela and was funded by a grant of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


The story is about four teenage friends with four different disabilities: Elisa was born blind, Anabel is on a wheelchair, the twins Mirco and Matheo are deaf. The four friends suffer because of their classmates' constant bullying. They always meet after school to go out and play together.
At night, the four friends travel, in their dreams, to a parallel world called Sierf, where their disabilities disappear: they can see, hear, talk and run freely.
Sierf is a wonderful world, inhabited by fantastic creatures, like fairies, phoenixes and unicorns.
The winged horse, Pegasus flies upside down, while giants and fairies organize archery competitions.
"Sierf" is able to instil the message of how important it is to accept yourself as you are in the reader, while always making an effort to see the world and other people in colour.

Mere Õie Kalle is a very young Estonian writer. Born blind, she has now acquired 30% of her sight in one eye and 3% in the other. With her family, she moved to Italy a few years ago. Despite her sight problems, she loves writing poetry and short stories, and reading a lot. She also loves travelling with her imagination and is very talented. She can create original, complex stories with captivating characters that are never banal. She is a very promising and sensitive fantasy author, and has already published the novel “La pietra di Conohiil” ("The Stone of Conohiil") with the Italian publishing house, Planet Book. In 2021, she received two awards for young writers in Italy: "Firenze Giovani" and "Milano Giovani".