IBA present at the Salone del Libro 2023 in Turin

Like every year, IBA could not miss the important event of the Salone del Libro in Turin which took place from 18th to 22nd May at the Lingotto area.
The Salone is one of the most significant book fairs in Italy and it involves professionals working in the fascinating field of publishing from all over the world, but also readers and culture lovers.
As usual, IBA attended the Rights center of the fair, representing some of the most creative Italian publishing houses (CSA Editrice, Planet Book, Aporema Edizioni, Armando Curcio Editore…) and presenting their books to foreign publishing houses and editors.
This year was particularly interesting and fruitful, as many publishers (mainly from South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Canada and many more) showed their interest towards some of the titles presented by IBA. In particular, they were impressed by Elena Mora’s young age, success and works, or by Giulia Falcini’s manuscript about the Nushu, by the fantasy of Alessandra Cinardi with her “Vita” trilogy, by the authenticity of Angelina Brasacchio with her “Tales from the south” (already published in the UK) and “Tales from the oil mill”, but also by some books dealing with contemporary central issues like “Gaslighting”, “The strategic parent” and “The path”. These are just some examples of the books proposed abroad, so it is possible to assume that the negotiations started on those days at the Rights center will hopefully lead to some satisfactory results in terms of rights selling in the next few months.